The Specialist Broker

So how to get hold of a quote on my own. For those of you who are seasoned event organisers or stallholders it could not be simpler, just hop online. Many companies, including mine, give you online access to a full quote and buy system. A few things worth checking beforehand though: Getting the correct […]

Arranging insurance should not be something that takes a lot of time, when you are planning your event or stall you should be able to spot the things that might make you worry. Keeping insurance in mind when you are planning will help you explain to your broker or insurer exactly what you might need. […]

Insurance, who’d have it? Love it or hate it we all need to protect ourselves against risks that we cannot afford to pay for ourselves. Whether you sell handmade jewellery or put on a stage show if it involves people you will need to deal with the risk of bodily injury or damage. I could […]

You may have read in the press that the DVLA have withdrawn the counterpart driving licence (Paper Endorsement Section) with effect from 8th June 2015. You will no longer be required to keep the counterpart, and any new driving licence applications will be issued without the counterpart. Insurance companies will still need to validate information […]

Virual Jet Centre

Sometime ago the Virtual Jet Centre invited Graham Sykes, Chief Executive of Graham Sykes Insurance for a brief “demo” session. Graham asked if I would visit on his behalf and evaluate the session to see what relevance it might have to his business. I have a passion for aviation I was an RAF pilot for twenty years and then worked in a family business.

I was initially met by the VJC Boss Captain Andy Wilkins a former airline captain and his team of instructors, all of whom demonstrated a very high level of enthusiasm for the project.

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