What is it?

You have seen the Movie…….Marvelled at the Car Chase now rev up your engine for the REAL THING!

The classic Michael Caine movie recreated by a group of dedicated Mini driving enthusiasts known as “Jobbers”. Participation in the event is limited to classic cars featured in the film and to the real star of the show …… the MINI. Rather than benefiting themselves the new Self Preservation Society raises money for Children’s Charities.

Launched in 1990 with the aim of raising money for children in a fun way, the Italian Job continues to raise funds in aid of national childrens charities. It’s 10 or more glorious days in a Mini driving through some of the most spectacular scenery that Europe has to offer.
The event gives the opportunity to make new friends, explore new places and improve your driving/navigational skills. It’s about visiting off the beaten track places in your fantastic Minis and of course it’s a fun way to raise money for a really good cause!

How is it done?

Each year, normally at the end of October spilling over into the first few days of November.

Italian Job

Why does it happen?

For the sheer thrill and excitment of driving the Car of the Century through some of the most spectacular breathtaking scenery that Europe has to offer, to enjoy the hospitality of the locals, explore a food-loving Italian Region boasting villages and cities nestling in the green hills of the Appenines – all this in the company of likeminded people who will become friends whilst at the same time be raising funds for childrens charities.