A modified vehicle is a vehicle that differs from it’s original factory standard specification for fitting of either after market parts or optional items added to it.

All vehicle modifications are material information and MUST be disclosed to your Insurer. Failure to do so may invalidate your Motor Insurance policy.

Don’t forget you will need to update your V5C when you make certains changes.

These are:

  • colour
  • engine
  • cylinder capacity (cc)
  • fuel type
  • chassis or bodyshell (replaced or modified)
  • seating capacity
  • weight of a large vehicle, for example goods vehicle or campervan
  • wheel plan
  • body type, for example you convert a van to a campervan or ’motor caravan’ (DVLA gives a body type description based on the vehicle’s external appearance)
  • vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • chassis number
  • frame number for motorbikes

If your changes are not on this list and you are unsure if you need to tell anyone, disclose them anyway and be safe.