Cover from Graham Sykes

Graham Sykes Assist members never face accidents or a motor breakdown alone!

A complete breakdown and recovery service with low premiums.

No matter how careful you are you can still have an electrical or mechanical breakdown or an accident.

Usually they happen at the worst possible time – the annual holiday, on the way to that important business appointment, or just enjoying a day out in the country.

There for you

The Graham Sykes Assist Control Room is administered on our behalf by Call Assist Ltd. They have a 24 hour Control Centre with up to the minute technology.

Your call will be answered by one of Call Assist’s sympathetic rescue controllers who are able to deal with each vehicle breakdown or incident individually. They will use their fast computer system to locate their nearest suitable agent who will soon be on their way to help you.

Fast and Professional – Breakdown Recovery Service

The combination of Call Assist’s team of experienced controllers together with, a trustworthy, reliable network of recovery operators and vehicle repairers. This means that we can provide you with a first class service throughout the whole of the UK, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Motorbike Riders – Graham Sykes Assist is ideal for your specialised needs – simply use the standard enrolment form.

Graham Sykes Assist – The Modern Solution to provide you with the very best service, at the very lowest cost, we have kept our administration to a minimum.

Extra Features Recovery following theft

If your vehicle has been immobilised after theft or vandalism we will arrange for Call Assist to recover it for you free of charge.

Mugging, sickness, personal attack

If, as a sole driver, you can no longer continue your journey because of sickness, injury or shock then we will pay for you to travel home by taxi, train or coach and we will pay for someone to return to collect your vehicle.

Important Information – This contract is governed by English law.

The most that will be paid is £25,000 for each named insured each year.

Graham Sykes Assist will only be provided for registered vehicles. Any changes in vehicles MUST be notified without delay to avoid cover lapsing.

Vehicles must be maintained in a roadworthy condition and serviced regularly.

Graham Sykes Assist is not available within one mile of your home unless Home Assist cover is in operation.

The following types of vehicle are not eligible for membership:

Vehicles in excess of 3.5 tonnes.

Small Vans over 10 years old.

Vehicles more than 17 feet long, 6 feet 3 inches wide and 8 feet high.

Vehicles used for self-drive hire.

Vehicles used for private hire/a taxi.

We do not cover vehicles while they are being used for rallying or any other competitive purposes.

Hotel costs are limited to £240 per breakdown or accident.

For faults which occur repeatedly, assistance may be refused if you have not taken reasonable steps to have them rectified.

Ferry and toll fees will not be paid.

Vehicles must be readily accessible and be capable of recovery using standard equipment.

You must telephone Call Assist and obtain a reference number before incurring any costs.

This page is only a summary of the cover.

A Policy Document containing full details of the terms, conditions and exclusions is issued to all members. A copy is available on request.

Roadside Assistance and Nationwide Recovery

Most of our competitors charge you extra if you want to cover yourself for recovery charges. With Graham Sykes Assist recovery costs are automatically included, so every single member is covered for help at the roadside and recovery to his or her destination.

Complete Cover

Compare these benefits with other schemes

We cover your vehicle for any authorised driver.

Recovery of caravans and trailers is included free.

No enrolment fee.

Free calls from anywhere in the UK.

Roadside Assistance and Nationwide Recovery automatically included from only £20.00

Roadside Assistance

If you have a minor mechanical breakdown Call Assist’s garage agent will try to get you going again at the roadside. Perhaps all that is wrong is a small electrical fault, or a puncture. If so you will soon be on your way. All you have to pay for are the parts and materials used.

European Assistance and Recovery

This provides you, your passengers and your vehicle with the same level of breakdown protection as you enjoy in the UK.

Nationwide Recovery

For larger problems Call Assist’s agents will transport your vehicle to a local garage that is capable of carrying out the repairs within a reasonable time. If that involves an overnight stay they will arrange for you to stay at a local hotel and will pay the accommodation charges for you and your passengers – up to six people in all. Alternatively, Call Assist will pay for you all to travel to your original destination by public transport or hire car, if you so wish. Call Assist can even pay for one person to return to pick up the vehicle after the repairs.

If there is no garage near the scene of the breakdown capable of repairing the vehicle within a reasonable time – say 24 hours – then Call Assist will arrange to transport your vehicle and up to six people to your home or original destination. We aim to give you the service you want – whenever you need it. Call Assist’s operators use their experience and training to come up with the best solution to your particular problem.

Home Assist

There is nothing so frustrating as the sound, or lack of it, of a vehicle that won’t start. Being stuck outside your own home in a vehicle that refuses to move is one of the most annoying experiences – but thanks to Home Assist, help is at hand

5 great reasons to get cover from Graham Sykes

Low premiums

Roadside assistance and nationwide recovery

Your vehicle covered for any authorised driver

24 hours a day, 365 days of the year

Recovery of caravans and trailers included free