Hi All Performers Out There!

My name is Graham and I’m the owner of Graham Sykes Insurance, a leader in online event insurance.

Being a performer means that you become responsible for a whole audience of people, so you attract a certain level of liability. Although not a legal requirement, public liability insurance provides reassurance to performers knowing that they’re covered when things go wrong.

This includes accidental bodily injury or accidental damage to property, both common at large events. It’s not just singers that use public liability insurance, a range of performers including entertainers and DJs purchase cover. No matter the event, insurance is your best bet in ensuring everyone has a good time!

At Graham Sykes, you can get single gig coverage from as little as £12 for £2 million indemnity. We also operate online, meaning you can get public liability insurance from the comfort of your own home. Simply go to our quote and buy facility at  www.graham-sykes.co.uk and get an automated quote, the process is quick and easy.

That’s not all! If you need cover for more gigs you may want our annual policy which starts as low as £53.53 for the same £2 million indemnity.

Higher levels of cover are available. So just select the level you need and you are a few clicks away from being covered.

After purchasing your required policy, your documents will be emailed to you in seconds. Then you’ll be able to breathe a little easier at your next big performance knowing you’ve covered your back. Visit our website to get a quote or to find out more information!