Some basic security suggestions to protect your home

It is generally accepted that up to two-thirds of all burglaries take place through windows. It therefore makes sense to fit key-operated locks or secure windows with screws. Do not rely on a few coats of paint and/or standard fasteners.

Louvre windows are particularly vulnerable because the glass slats can be removed or broken relatively quietly. Replace them with standard windows.

French doors/windows with leaded lights are also vulnerable for similar reasons to louvre windows. Fit key-operated bolts at the top and bottom of each leaf, securing the doors to the frame. Outward opening doors should also be fitted with dog bolts to protect vulnerable hinges.

What else can we do to deter burglars and protect your home?

  • Fit a time switch to some of your lights, which turns them on and off automatically at times set by you.
  • Mark you valuables with a security marker pen. Use your postcode and house number as your identification. A photograph is also a good idea , especially if the object is placed next to a measure.
  • Apply anti-climb paint to fall pipes and low roofs giving access to windows.
  • Key-operated bolts can be fitted to other external doors, not required to be opened from the outside, in place of some of the more expensive security locks available.
  • Remember to remove keys from locks.
  • Always keep your keys with you. That hiding place in the garden is liable to be found by the wrong person.
  • Make sure lock doors and windows when going out, even though you may intend being away only a few minutes.Always lock doors and windows before settling down for the evening.
  • Always ask officials for identification, if in doubt, keep them out and ask them to come back when you have a friend or relation with you.
  • Open the door only when you are satisfied that a visitor is genuine.
  • Coal chute still in use, fit a strong chain which must be pulled taut and secured to a substantial fixture with a padlock.
  • Going away? cancel the milk and papers in person or by letter, ask a good neighbour to keep an eye on your property, removing mail and placing it out of sight, walking round the garden and, if you have a drive, leaving their car on it occasionally.