Event Insurance - What is it?

Our specialist Event Organiser Insurance is tailor made for each unique event type. Whether you are planning a single event, or multiple events. Graham Sykes can provide expert advice and insurance cover that suits your needs.Giving you peace of mind to focus on the success of your event.

With our Online Quote ‘n’ Buy facility you can check the cost to insure your event. And then of course Buy Online. You will receive your insurance documents within minutes!

If you are unsure of what to choose we can get you there in three quick questions or LESS!

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If you are new to this or just need some more information? Why not have a look at the brochures and guides. You can either, download or read these online?

Event types we can cover

  • Birthday Parties
  • Barbeques
  • Car Shows
  • Concerts
  • Conferences
  • Charity Events
  • Dog Shows
  • Exhibitions
  • Fashion Shows
  • Music Festivals
  • New Years Parties
  • Trade Shows
  • Weddings
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Organising an event of any scale is no small task

If you are Organising an Event, it requires you to spend time and energy in abundance. If the event is meant for a large audience, then the job becomes even more difficult.

However, the part of the job that actually pinches you is the part where you are subjected to financial losses for your event which are beyond your control.

Therefore, we would suggest that you seriously consider an Event Organiser Insurance policy. This would cover the event that you are organising.

The cost of our Event Organiser Insurance policy is kept as low as possible. Also the task of obtaining the policy is fast and simple. It makes sense to protect yourself from unforeseen events.

We are not concerned with the magnitude of your event and can cater for both large and small scale events. Whether you are organising a cultural fair, an exhibition, a club meeting, a static show, a musical or concert. We will be happy to insure you and your event.

You can get your quote online within minutes. After buying the documents will be available to you immediately.

Public liability is the main part of our event organiser insurance policy. In case of an accident where there is bodily harm to those attending the event. We will cover your legal liability subject to the levels of cover that you select. This would also apply to any damage to other people’s property.

We can also provide the Event Employers Liability Insurance with an Indemnity level of £10,000,000. This protects your legal liability in respect of compensation. Together with claimants costs and expenses for accidental bodily injury to anyone you employ at an event. This  includes temporary staff, volunteers, helpers, whether paid or unpaid.

In addition, there can be damage to your own property during transportation or other similar situations. This can also be insured and is available as an option with our Event Insurance policy.


Tips and Advice

Organising events is a task that requires a lot of patience and efforts. You will spend a lot of time on the differences of your event. Also other relevant details to makes sure that everything is correct.

To help you further improve your event, we have certain tips and advice that we hope will come in handy. These event tips and advice have been found to be helpful in previous events. Together with engagements that others have organised. So, it makes sense to make use of something that has been tried and tested.

The most important thing is to treat all your attendees with warm affection and respect. Give them all some amount of personalized attention. This will make sure that they don’t feel left out of your event. To achieve this, you need to arrive at the venue well before the stipulated time. Also keep moving around constantly so as not to miss out anything.

The next thing on the agenda is to test all your equipment. Do this before using them on the day of the event.

This helps you to replace any faulty equipment to prevent any embarrassment during the event. Inform all your attendees the time and venue of the event well in advance. This way they can make the necessary arrangements to arrive on time.

You should also create a budget for your event and try to stick to that. If the budget increases by a substantial amount then make sure that you know why this happened. This will help you keep a tab on any unnecessary expenses.

But one of the most important aspects of organising any event is to expect the unexpected. You can make the most elaborate arrangements. Do all the necessary preparations. And yet factors can definitely play spoilsport at your event. Factors like adverse weather conditions or your performer falling sick.

These are issues that are beyond your control. So you need to safeguard yourself against such unanticipated incidents. It is for this reason you should consider our event insurance policy.

This policy will cover your losses and expenses in case there is a public liability claim or an employer’s liability claim.

Further options are available. These can include cover for property damage that occurs during the event or during transportation. Marquees, money and much more.

The above tips and advice are true for events of all sizes. So, whether you are organising a small family party or a large cultural extravaganza. Getting the basics right always helps. Also it is important to make sure that you have things in place for unexpected problems. They have a tendency to crop up at odd times. So follow the above steps and make your event a grand success.

6 great reasons to get event insurance from Graham Sykes

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Low premiums

Quote and Buy online

Documents issued in minutes

Available for indoor and outdoor events

Wide choice of single and multiple event types

Agricultural Fair Bridge Drive Country Fair New Year Ball
Antiques Fairs Camera Club Cultural Festival Paranormal Investigation
Art & Craft Fair Car Owners Club Dinner Dance Plays & Rehearsal
Award Presentation Car Show Disco (not raves/nightclubs) Ploughing Match
Bag Packing for Charity Carol Singers Dog Show Product Launch
Balloon Release Ceilidh Exhibition Race Night
Banquets Carnival and Float Participants Fashion Show Religious Festival
Bar mitzvah Charity Collection Flower Show Retirement Party
Bat mitzvah Childrens Concert Fun Run/Marathon Steam Rallies
Barbeque Christening Gala Day Street Parties
Barn Dance Christmas Fayre Ghost Hunt Torch Light Processions
Bazaars Christmas Lights and Tree Display Graduation Day Celebration Trade Fair
Beer Festival Clubs Meetings and Static Show Horse Show (Exc Eventing) Treasure Hunt
Beetle Drives Community Fun Day Late Night Shopping Weddings
Bingo Nights Concert Murder Mystery Event Wedding Fayre
Birthday Parties Conference Music Festival Wedding Anniversaries
Book Fair