What is it?

Being on the management committee for a large club is a big responsibility and arranging your insurance is one of those important tasks that need to be completed.

Because each club is different then making sure that you have the cover in place that you need is sometimes difficult to pin down. Like many clubs we have worked with there will be many views on what cover should be bought and what level is needed, this process can sometimes feel like opening a can of worms.

That is why here at Graham Sykes we take time and care to make sure the cover you need is tailor made to your club. We also know that every member of the management committee could have a personal liability if the right cover has not been arranged so we take time to explain to every committee member what cover might be considered and why. And that is just the start!

Things to consider

  • Start looking at your options as early as possible
  • Give yourself time to choose carefully
  • Provide as much information as possible
  • Look at cover first then premium
  • Make an informed choice

Specialist insurer for large clubs and associations

We take the time to understand your specific needs

Work with you to develop the insurance offer for your club or association and its members

Ongoing support and development between policy renewals to help your insurance grow with you

Experienced at working with clubs and associations to help you deliver a solution as a club membership benefit