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American Auto Club UK
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On the AAC-UK website you will find plenty of interesting articles and resources (mostly submitted by members). Please check out features such as our monthly magazine, how and why you should join the club, it’s history, the clubs aims for the future, plus the many articles on offer

You don’t have to be an American auto owner to join the club…but you certainly need to be an enthusiast!

Address: The Prince of Wales
Potton Road
PE28 9NG
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We don’t just exist on the website or at shows, there is a monthly meeting on the first Thursday of the month from about 8pm at The Prince of Wales pub in Hilton, full address below.

Look for the group of people talking about cars!  It’s all fairly informal; there aren’t any agendas, quizzes about big-end theory nor are we going to fleece you for a raffle ticket.  But it’s a great time to meet like minded people, chat about your car (or one you’re thinking of buying) and a good opportunity to talk about upcoming shows.  We should also say that the pub serves great food too so you can have your dinner there if you want.

Q.What is Dinky Devils ?

A.  ‘DinkyDevils’ is a small car club based in the west anglia region of the UK, primarily a Mini club but also accepting ‘small cars’ such as the smart car etc. The club aims to provide a means by which a group of friends can attend car shows as well as social events in the UK.

Q. Who are DinkyDevils ?

A. The DinkyDevils are a group of friends who decided to set up a new Mini/small car club in the west anglia region to attend various Mini shows around the region along with social pub meets and so on. the emphasis of the club is to ‘have fun’, no stress, no worries just ‘have a laugh’ and everyone gets along……in theory.

Dutton Owners Club
Address: 36 Eskdale Avenue
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About the Dutton Owners Club
Here you’ll find details about the club, how to join, and what the benefits are. You can buy Dutton regalia, and see what’s in the back issues of each Dutton magazine. If you’re a member, you’ll also have access to the members’ pages.


About Dutton’s
Chances are if you have a Dutton, you’ll want to know more about it. Here you can find details of suppliers, insurance companies, spares and repairers, as well as the Dutton FAQs, which will help answer some of those niggling questions, like ‘what’s my car made of?’. You’ll also find sales and wanted ads.

and the Dutton community
No club would be a success if it wasn’t for the people in it. In this section, you can contact other Dutton owners via the message board and find out where the local meetings and kit car shows are.

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GTM Owners Club
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The GTM marque was launched in 1967 when Cheshire garage owner Bernard Cox and friend Jack Hosker created the Cox GTM (Grand Touring Mini). The Cox GTM design composed of two Mini front subframes linked by a sheet steel semi-monocoque chassis. The chassis’ deep centre tunnel backbone was supplemented by two generous sills.

The car was mid-engined: the rear subframe contained the engine as in a Mini with the steering arms locked in position with adjustable rods and ball joints. The front subframe carried the steering rack, fuel tank and radiator. Suspension, brakes and 10 inch wheels remained as per the Mini. The fibreglass bodywork contained more than a hint of Ferrari Dino in its styling.

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01753 662951
Address: 7 Coronation Avenue
Downham Market
PE38 0BN
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The Jago Owners Club was founded in 1984 by Tony Crockford, it’s aims were to provide support to fellow builders of the various Jago kits then being marketed and encourage owners & enthusiasts to get together at various major kit car events and club specific activities & enjoy what they had created.
Over 25 years later and the core aim of the Club hasn’t altered, although nowadays the emphasis is more on the use, preservation, renovation and modification of those kits, however there are still one or two unfinished ones gathering dust here and there!
Just as in those early days one of the main benefits of club membership is access to a wealth of knowledge from those who have seen it done it been there and have the scars to prove it, backed up by a website & discussion forum covering many FAQ’s relating to the kits.
Benefit from a wealth of knowledge – from  those who have seen it and done it!  Plus: Website, Forums, Newsletters & Meets!
If you have an interest in Jagos, are rebuilding one, or used to own one, join & benefit from one of the most enthusiastic clubs around today!
Visit the Membership pages for details on how to join, along with links to our club regalia section!

Visit the technical pages for where to get the answers to all the Jago related questions.

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Marlin Owners Club
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The Marlin Owners Club is a friendly classic and kit car club where owners of Marlin and Marlin-derived cars can get together, share advice and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals. To find out more about the club, the cars and the club’s activities please click on the links above. The Marlin Owners Club welcomes contact from anyone who owns, is thinking of owning, or is simply interested in the marque

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Mustang Owners Club of Great Britain
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The Mustang Owners Club of Great Britain has over 1790 members and you don’t need to own a Mustang to be a member.

If you are the owner of  a Mustang we welcome ALL models from 1964 right up to today’s Mustang. Within our Club Members ownership we have 1964 through to 1973 models, making up approximately half the number of Mustangs in the club, we also have members with Mustang II’s, Fox Body Mustangs, SN95’s, New Edge Mustangs from 1999 to 2004 , the S197 from 2005 and the Right Hand drive S550 .

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NG Owners Club
Address: 105 Battle Road
East Sussex
BN27 1UD
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The idea of an owners club for NGs was born at the National Kit Car Rally at Donnington in June1981. At the show there were six TAs one of which won the ‘Alternative Car Trophy’. The TAs turned in quicker times in the driving tests than the Marcos’… even the 3 litre ones!. Among those present were Ian Peacock, Tony Redington and Peter Nicholson. As there were only six members the monthly newsletter was manually typed using carbon paper by Liz Peacock. The first newsletter was a single side of A4 with a brief report of the Donington Rally and information about a pub get together in July.

Phone Number:
01323 843769