Jago Owners Club

Jago Owners Club
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The Jago Owners Club was founded in 1984 by Tony Crockford, it’s aims were to provide support to fellow builders of the various Jago kits then being marketed and encourage owners & enthusiasts to get together at various major kit car events and club specific activities & enjoy what they had created.
Over 25 years later and the core aim of the Club hasn’t altered, although nowadays the emphasis is more on the use, preservation, renovation and modification of those kits, however there are still one or two unfinished ones gathering dust here and there!
Just as in those early days one of the main benefits of club membership is access to a wealth of knowledge from those who have seen it done it been there and have the scars to prove it, backed up by a website & discussion forum covering many FAQ’s relating to the kits.
Benefit from a wealth of knowledge – from  those who have seen it and done it!  Plus: Website, Forums, Newsletters & Meets!
If you have an interest in Jagos, are rebuilding one, or used to own one, join & benefit from one of the most enthusiastic clubs around today!
Visit the Membership pages for details on how to join, along with links to our club regalia section!

Visit the technical pages for where to get the answers to all the Jago related questions.

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7 Coronation Avenue
Downham Market
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