Who is it for?

Vehicles of all kinds can be modified. They can be changed to improve performance, styling or a mixture of both. Whether you have modified the vehicle yourself or if you have purchased a modified car you need to make sure that you inform your insurers or brokers about the changes that have been made.

Staying safe is a must so check to see if modifications have been carried out correctly and do not adversely effect the control, handling and braking.

We can offer up to 60% introductory discounts, discounts for club members, restricted mileage discounts and roadside recovery and assistance.

Specialist Motor Cover

Graham Sykes Insurance provides specialist insurance cover for all kinds of vehicles such as:

  • Raised or lowered in height
  • Performance enhanced
  • Interior and or exterior body work remodel

In fact almost anything including your converted camper van.

Knowledge and Experience

As a Specialist Vehicle enthusiast Graham Sykes has developed a number of specific schemes to cater for the specialist market. Our knowledge and experience has been built up over a number of years providing this cover for a very wide variety of vehicles, from a Beach Buggy to a Bugatti, a F150 to a Mustang and of course classic vehicles and Modified Cars.

We understand the very nature of the Specialist car owner and provide a selection of insurance cover for their requirements. Because these vehicles tend to be lovingly cared we are able to keep the overall cost of insuring them lower than the Mr Average Motor Car Insurance.

So whatever model of Specialist Vehicle, we can provide you with an insurance quotation.

Let us help you lower your costs so that you can enjoy your motoring

We can help to save you money on your insurance then you can have the best Specialist car you can afford.

5 great reasons to to get insurance from Graham Sykes

No Claims discount up to 65%

Approved Club members discounts

Introductory discounts

Limited mileage discounts

Multi-car discount