A Guide to Protecting Your Unoccupied Property During The Winter.

  1. Heat – It is a good idea to heat the property daily during the winter months, this can be done by either setting it to come on at a certain time or kept on throughout the day at a low and sustainable temperature.
  2. Water – If the property is due to be unoccupied for a lengthy period of time, you may wish to consider turning off the water supply at the stopcock or draining the radiators, be sure to check this isn’t shared with anyone else though.
  3. Council Tax – Unoccupied Properties You may still be required to pay council tax on your unoccupied property, however speak to your local cancel as a discount may be offered.
  4. Safe and secure – The Security of the property is important, locks, alarms and security measures can be put in place but it is also a good idea to ensure the exterior of the home is kept in a good state to deter intruders or burglars from noticing it is an unoccupied property.
  5. Regular inspections – It is important to ensure your unoccupied property is checked regularly. If you are lucky enough to be enjoying some sunshine somewhere then ask a friend or family member to check on the property. We recommend weekly checks so that any potential problems are picked up on quickly.
  6. Insurance – Double check your property insurance is suitable for empty or unoccupied property. Insurers will provide terms and conditions for you to follow during the period of the property being unoccupied.