Did you manage to solve most of our 12 Cars of Christmas? Here are the answers.

12 Cars of Christmas


  1. Geddo Arm
  2. Lwiysl Epje
  3. Rnldvraoe Eeendrfd
  4. Tsano Itnarm
  5. Verhctelo Tteervco
  6. Siormor Niorm
  7. Muphitr
  8. Skvlwaeong Ebetel
  9. Verro Niim
  10. Befridri
  11. Nirbo oodh
  12. Rfdo Natmsug



  1. Dodge Ram
  2. Willys Jeep
  3. Landrover Defender
  4. Aston Martin
  5. Chevrolet Corvette
  6. Morris Minor
  7. Triumph
  8. Volkswagen Beetle
  9. Rover Mini
  10. Firebird
  11. Robin Hood
  12. Ford Mustang

We’d love to know how you got on.

Green Card

From the 1st January 2021 you will be required to carry a ‘green card’ with you when driving in the EEA remember that includes Eire, Andorra, Serbia or Switzerland. You are required to carry a green card to evidence that you have the correct insurance. Green cards are usually valid for 15 days, however if your trip is longer than this it can be extended, just speak with your insurance provider.

It is also important to let your broker or insurance company know your travel plans, they normally like to know the dates or travel, countries you are visiting and if you are towing. For clients wanting to take a trailer or caravan – A separate Green Card is required for any towed vehicle.

How to get one?

Simply call your broker or insurance provider and explain to them about your plans to drive abroad. They will be able to advise on the necessary steps and provide you with a Green Card. We recommend doing this before your date of travel to ensure you have received it prior to your trip.

European Breakdown Cover.

It is also a useful idea to check that your breakdown cover is extended to driving abroad. This can be a crucial element of travelling outside of the UK.  European breakdown cover as some great benefits including Emergency overnight accommodation, alternative travel and much more.

If you are looking for a breakdown policy to cover you whilst driving abroad call us on 01395 255100. We also provide specialist breakdown cover for non-standard vehicles.

Useful links:


Buy Breakdown & Recovery Online


Military Vehicles A to Z.

  1. Abbot FV433 Self Propelled Gun
  2. Bedford QLR Signals Vehicle
  3. Centurion ARV Mark 2
  4. Dodge WC9 Ambulance
  5. Excelsior Welbike
  6. Fox Armoured Car
  7. Gaz 67
  8. Humber Pig
  9. Indian 741
  10. Jackson M36 Tank Destroyer
  11. Kaiser M151
  12. Land Rover 101 Forward Control
  13. Matchless G3 L
  14. Norton WD Big Four
  15. Opel Blitz
  16. Pinzgauer 710MK
  17. Quad (Nickname of Morris C8 Field Artillery Tractor)
  18. Reo M109 A3
  19. Stuart M5 A1
  20. Thornycraft MK9
  21. Uaz 452
  22. Volvo BV 202
  23. White M3
  24. XM 1216 Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle (ok, not quite what we were thinking but it is an “X”)
  25. YW750 ambulance based on the YW531
  26. Zil 131

We’d also love to see and hear about your military vehicles, head over to our Facebook page to share them with us.


Car Modifications an A to Z – Modifications Made Simple

A – Alloy Wheels: Often made from Magnesium or Aluminum. Alloys have less weight in comparison to standard wheels and can improve acceleration and stopping. They look pretty cool as well.

B – Body Kit: A modification made to the exterior of your vehicle, including side skirts, bonnet scoop, front and rear bumpers.

C-   Cold Air intake: Aftermarket cold air intake is usually fitted to allow cool air into the cars internal-combustion engine.

D-   Donor engine: removing the vehicles original engine and replacing it with one from another vehicle.

E-   Exhaust Upgrades: Creates more power to the vehicle and can improve the running of the engine.

F-   Fenders: Usually located on front and rear wheels. Its main functionality is to prevent the body of the car being damaged from any debris or liquid from the road.

G- Gear Modifications: Changing your Gear Shift Knob may compliment the interior of your vehicle, but will add little change to its performance.

H- High Performance Brakes: Usually has a good friction level and pedal feel, also increases braking performance.

I – Induction kits: An air filter that can also increase the volume of the air intake of your vehicle.

J – Just can’t stop Modifying: When you can’t get enough of making those special changes to your vehicle.

K – Knock Sensor: A sensor that monitors the engines performance.

L – Lowering Kits: Lowering your vehicle can enhance handling performance and is often done to improve the body of your car.

M – Mapping (Re mapping) – Also known as ‘Chipping’ involves adjusting your Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to override the original factory setting of the vehicle.

N –   NOS: Also known as Nitrous Oxide System, NOS allows the engine to burn more fuel and boosts the horsepower.

O – Oh Wow!: The kind of response you get when others see your Modified vehicle.

P –   Port Head: Port and polishing helps the engine to produce more power. It helps to reduce the amount of work the engine has to do when the engine intakes the fuel and air mix and then getting rid of the exhaust gases.

Q – Quality Race Seats & Harnesses: Replacing your seats adds a sleek appears to the interior of the vehicle but can also protect the driver in an event of an accident.

R –   Roll Cage: A Specially constructed frame which is either built in or around the vehicle, this protects the driver in an event of a road traffic accident.

S –    Suspension Modifications: Suspension Pads, Shock Absorbers, Spring Rating (to name a few).

T –    Turbocharger: Increases the engines efficiency, performance and power of your vehicle.

U –   Upgraded Brake Discs: Allows for more accurate braking and improves stopping power.

V –   Vortex Generator: Usually found on wing surfaces, this can disturb the airflow running over the bodywork of the vehicle.

W – Window Tint: Some people choose to do this to enhance the appearance of their vehicle, however window tinting also block UV rays.

X-  E(X)haust – Okay we’ve cheated a bit there, but you get the point ?

Y –  Wh(Y) – Why do it? Because you can and it makes your vehicle that little bit more special.

Z – We’ve been wracking our brains trying to think of one, think you can out smart us? Please do let us know!  (Could be – Zzzzzz, the need for sleep after all the work to make your car bespoke, just the way you like it)

P.S. Thanks to Terry for allowing us to use a picture of his vehicle ?